With Its Two COVID-19 Vaccines, The World Is Impressed By Aatmnirbhar Bharat

India has been successful in it’s fight against the Covid-19 pandemic as compared to the other countries of the world in many ways. First, it’s proactive action of announcing a complete lockdown and realizing the amount of danger the virus was posing, taking stringent measures and working on a war footing lines to develop the vaccine. And the country indeed succeeded in developing the vaccine within the timelines at par with any other developed nation. Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said, “India’s Covid-19 recovery rate was 97 per cent while it’s 1.44 per cent fatality rate was the lowest in the world”.

So far, 10 deaths have been reported in India after vaccinating almost 30 lakh people across the country. These deaths have been reported from Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh , Rajasthan, Telangana, Haryana and Odisha mainly. Though the cause of deaths is still not clear, N K Arora, advisor to the national AEFI committee said, “The immediate understanding is none of these deaths is casually related to the administration of the Covid vaccine, the expert panel will analyse the causes of death using the WHO-recommended algorithm to determine the causation in a scientific and transparent manner”.

India began it’s biggest vaccination and inoculation drive successfully and not only this, has been supplying to it’s neighboring countries too like Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, Bangladesh . It’s vaccine diplomacy took further wings with 1 lakh anti-Covid shots being sent to Oman. After this, India is scheduled to send over 5 lakh doses to Afghanistan, 2 lakh doses to Nicaragua, 1 lakh to Barbados, approximately 70,000 to Dominica and 1.5 lakh to Mongolia. Countries like Brazil, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt have already purchased the vaccine.

India is the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, even ahead of China. The Pune based Serum Institute currently manufactures 5,000 doses of Covishield per minute, which adds up to 50 million doses per month. By the end of March, this figure will go up by 30 per cent- translating to 65 million doses. Conveniently, India has left behind many a developed countries and has emerged a potential super power on the map of the world. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call of ‘Aatmnirbhar Bharat’, India took everyone with surprise even those who were equipped with the best and latest of technologies, forcing everyone not to underestimate the worth of Indian scientist.

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