Will There Be A Breakthrough ? All Eyes On Crucial Farmers, Government Talks On December 30

Picture : Twitter / ANI

Picture : Twitter / ANI

The agitating farmer unions have agreed ‘in-principle’ to a government proposal for holding the next round of talks on the new agricultural laws on December 30, but insisted the agenda of the meeting should include discussing modalities for repealing the three legislations.

The farmers’ acceptance of the proposal came hours after the Centre sent them a letter suggesting December 30 as the date for the dialogue, against December 29 the protesting unions wanted. The protests have now entered the 34th day.

The All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC) in a statement said the protesting farmers want the meeting to include four specific agendas including ‘modalities to be adopted for the repeal of the three Central farm Acts’.

However, the government has used ‘vague and unspecific language’, indicating its willingness to discuss the full agenda items proposed by farmers, it alleged.

The government’s latest invite followed a proposal made by unions last week to hold the talks on Tuesday, December 29, on agenda including modalities for the repeal of the three laws enacted in September.

Kohar said the government proposing to hold the talks on December 30, instead of agreeing to farmers’ suggestion of December 29, shows the Centre wants to assert its control.

Meanwhile, the Singhu border where thousands of farmers have been camping in protest against the new laws since November 28, visibly swelled up on Monday as new protestors joined in over the weekend.

Navigating the highway-turned-township became challenging with the pathways being cramped as tractors and trolleys of new protestors occupied more and more space at the protest site.

Having already completed one month, the farmers said they were prepared for a long haul, and that essentials such as food and clothing are coming in in sufficient quantities to sustain their agitation.

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