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What The Results Will Mean For Both BJP And Congress

Picture Courtesy : Oneindia Kannada
Picture Courtesy : Oneindia Kannada

With excitement levels at peak and anticipation soaring high, the Karnataka elections results are going to be like the 19th and most crucial over for teams defending a T20 cliffhanger. As expected by political parties and analysts, the poll outcome, On May 15 , are more likely to set the tone for and impact the results of, the three major states in the Hindi heartland going into polls this year. They believe, this year’s state elections will have a bearing on the 2019 general elections.

But one thing is for sure, May 15 result will have a huge bearing on the Congress-trying hard to save its last bastion and also a major state, the BJP- hoping high to have a strong toehold-aftermath the departure of Chandrababu Naidu’s TDP from the NDA fold- in the southern region of the country and also make a pan Indian presence. Sandwiched between the two national parties, this election is all about its survival and prestige.

If BJP secured majority, it will be termed as Modi Magic while the Congress will claim, it’s Rahul’s Charisma that did the trick, in the eventuality of the Congress retaining the Siddaramiah ruled state. But in reality that’s not the case, for, it’s a state elections where, local (state) issues and the popularity of the state leaders that will determine the outcome. The entire credit or blame for success and failure in the electoral tests must go to the state leadership.

All the opinion polls beamed across TV channels have made different predictions, but almost every such survey has indicated that it would be extremely difficult for either the BJP or Congress to secure absolute majority in the 224 seat Assembly. That’s why all eyes would be on the H D Kumaraswamy led JD (S). Kumaraswamy is well aware of the importance of his party’s role in government formation in Karnataka and may be, that’s the reason why he has been maintaining, “I will be the King, not the Kingmaker.

Both the BJP and the Congress did their best to through allegations at each other , without forgetting to make personal attacks, in a highly aggressive campaigning in this southern state, home to the country’s information technology capital. Leaders of both the parties played their cards and did the rounds to temples to woo the voters. How the voters have responded to such gimmicks will be clear by May 15 afternoon . In all likelihood they would have made a judicious decision.

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