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What Civil Services Aspirants Can Expect As Questions In UPSC Personality Test 2021

Image : Representational Purpose Only

Image : Representational Purpose Only

As many eager and enthusiastic candidates brace themselves to face the personality 2021 for a career in civil services these are questions they need to know / or likely to be asked .

1. What according to you is the extent of “contraction of the economy” in terms of GDP since March 2019 caused by Covid 19? Also tell us about the sectors of the economy badly affected by Covid 19 and why ?

2. How is the size of the fiscal deficit being affected by Covid 19 situation and what could be done to improve the situation?

3. Why agriculture and allied sectors of the rural economy were not affected by Covid? If so what areas of agricultural and rural economy should receive larger attention and investment?

4. Which sector of the urban economy was most affected ? Was it services sector and if so what should be the strategy to put it back to good shape?

5.What is the level of contraction of the economy in last two quarters of 20-21 as compared to the first two quarters and what do you of prospects for recovery and what

6. What was the extent of job loss during the lock down and what was the” migrant workers ” crisis? Who are the migrant workers and why do they need to move to far off places for work? And what would you suggest to stop this migration from rural to urban areas?

7. What has been the state policy to unabated migration and the recent approach of the NITI Aayog and especially to the huge job loss in the wake of the Pandemic?

8. What is informal sector and its share in urban work force in manufacturing and services sector?

9. Suppose you are posted as the District Collector when a large groups of such migrant workers from your district return because of job loss and seek your help . What are the options for you? What could be the appropriate strategy and program that could help in this regard?

10. Could an expanded MNREGA be an answer to this crisis?

11. What is the allocation for MNREGA in 21-22 central budget as compared to 20-21? And what are the reasons for change?

12. What do you think of Atmanirbhar Bharat strategy and its main features? In what way this is different from the ” Self reliance ” strategy of the past? please state the differences?

13. What are the main features of Atmanirbhar Swastha – Health Yojana and in what way this will support the on going programs of the National Health Mission?

14. What are the special features of PM’S Jan Arogya Yojana in the present Covid 19 situation? What is the size of the Health ministry’s budget for 2021-22 and what does it suggest? Is the Covid 19 situation now under control?

15. What is V shaped recovery curve? How will it work and what sectors of the economy have been accorded priority in this growth strategy?

16. What is the role of PM’S JDY and MUDRA in the growth recovery strategy?

17. What are the main features of the PM’S Kisan Samman Yojana- PMKSY and what has been the coverage of farmers under this program?

18.What is the importance of Stand up India initiative of the GOI in the present growth recovery efforts ?

19. What is the share of the MSME sector in the economy and in employment? Do you feel that MSME holds key to recovery in the present Covid 19 induced situation and if what is government strategy and policy in regard to this sector?

20. What is the share of agriculture and allied sectors in the economy? Does it properly indicate the importance of the rural sector in the economy?

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