Watch : Deepika Padukone’s Awesome ‘Ghoomar’ Song from Padmavati

The first song from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati starring  Deepika Padukone titled ‘Ghoomar’ has received a humongous 10 million views in a single day and the number is increasing with every single day and becoming a rage now.

The poster, where Deepika portrayed the most beautiful woman, Rani Padmini had also received astounding response. Seeing the amazing response that audience had just with a poster & on special requests from millions of fans, the makers of the film decided Deepika’s song, ‘Ghoomar’ to be the first song to be released from the magnificent & much awaited film.

Overwhelmed by the response Deepika Padukone tweeted her delight in two tweets


The song showcasing the regal beauty performing the traditional folk dance ghoomar has received a humongous response.

The actress is showered with praises for not just her enchanting beauty and royal stature but also her incredible dancing skills.

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