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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Officially Launches Campaign

Pic source: Ron DeSantis’s Twitter handle

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has officially launched his United States presidential campaign in a rocky, glitch-filled broadcast over Twitter, Al Jazeera reported.

DeSantis on Thursday tweeted: “I’m running for president to lead our Great American Comeback.”

DeSantis in his campaign said: “We need the courage to lead, and we must have the strength to win.”

“If you nominate me, you can set your clock to January 20th, 2025, at high noon because on the west side of the US Capitol, I will be taking the oath of office as the 47th president,” he said.

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The broadcast, which was hosted by Twitter CEO Elon Musk and right-wing entrepreneur David Sacks, initially faltered multiple times, Al Jazeera reported.

“It just keeps crashing, huh?” someone was heard asking early on. The hosts later credited the technical difficulties to “scaling issues”.

“Just a massive number of people online,” one of the hosts can be heard saying. “So servers are straining somewhat.”

Earlier, DeSantis filed paperwork with federal election authorities in the United States to run for president. With this, he throws his hat in the ring for the 2024 Republican nomination, according to Al Jazeera.

As per Al Jazeera, the filing with the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday came ahead of an expected formal announcement he is set to make on Twitter later in the day.

DeSantis has for months been seen as the most serious challenger to former President Donald Trump who is also seeking to become the Republican nominee to take on Democratic President Joe Biden next year.

Other Republican candidates include Senator Tim Scott, former envoy to the United Nations Nikki Haley and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy.

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