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#US Presidential Polls 2020 : Donald Trump’s Fiercest Attack, Terms Biden Worst Candidate Ever

Picture : Twitter / ANI

US President Donald Trump in his most blistering attack so far has called his Democratic Party counterpart and former Vice President Joe Biden “as the worst candidate” in the history of presidential politics.”

This is the craziest race–I am running against the worst candidate in the history of Presidential politics and if
I lose, it is more pressure. I wish he was good, I would have less pressure. How do you lose to a guy like that?” Trump said at a rally and also claimed that he “was leading everywhere where people are intelligent”. The US President further called the upcoming Presidential election as a simple choice.

“This election is a simple choice; if Biden wins, China wins and when we win, North Carolina wins and America wins. Biden is a corrupt politician and he has been a corrupt politician for many years and everybody in Washington knows that,” Trump said.

Trump further added that Biden’s son Hunter made a “deal with a Chinese business magnet” for USD 10 million per year further adding that these deals were made “at the same time Joe Biden was letting China steal your jobs. If Biden wins, the US will be owned by China.” During the rally, the crowd began chanting “Four more years!” and later chanted “We love you!”

The Republican Presidential candidate further said that this election was a matter of national security adding that the Bidens got rich while America got robbed. The US Presidential Elections are set to take place on November 3, this year.

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