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US President Donald Trump Exudes Confidence Of Winning 2020 Presidential Polls

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United States President Donald Trump has exuded confidence of winning the November polls, asserting that he will turn around the country’s economy for the second time.

“This is a very important election. We have done a great job. We had to turn it off, as I said, turn it off, now we have started it again. As you know, they announced two weeks ago record job numbers, almost five million people, and that be the last month, which was also a record, 2.8 million people. Nobody has ever done what we have done and now we are doing it twice,” Trump told reporters at a White House press conference.

“And I think by Election Day, you are going to see some incredible numbers. The third quarter is going to be really good. The fourth quarter is going to be great, but the next year is going to be one of the best economic years. So hopefully, I will be able to be the president, where we say look at the great job I did,” he said.

Trump was responding to a question on whether he will win the November presidential polls. “Do you see yourself as the underdog in this race? Do you see yourself losing in the fall?” he was asked.

“No, I do not. I think we have really good poll numbers. They are not suppression polls. They are real polls,” the president asserted.

“We won a race where it was the same thing, 2016. We had polls that were fake. They turned out to be fake. Not all, couple of them got it right. Three of them, to be exact, three of them. One of them was unsuspecting, but they got it right. They were very proud of it. But we had, in 2016, something even more so. But we got in,” he said. He accused the media of of not treating him fairly.

Meanwhile , The Trump administration has agreed to rescind its July 6 rule, which temporarily bared international students from staying in the United States unless they attend at least one in-person course, a federal district court judge said on Tuesday.

The U-turn by the Trump administration comes following a nationwide outrage against its July 6 order and a series of lawsuits filed by a large number of educational institutions, led by the prestigious Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, seeking a permanent injunctive relief to bar the Department of Homeland Security and the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement from enforcing the federal guidelines barring international students attending colleges and universities offering only online courses from staying in the country.

As many as 17 US states and the District of Columbia, along with top American IT companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft, joined MIT and Harvard in the US District Court in Massachusetts against the DHS and the ICE in seeking an injunction to stop the entire rule from going into effect.

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