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UK-EU Brexit Trade Deal : A Relieved Boris Johnson Terms Good Deal For Everyone

A relieved British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said a new post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union would benefit both sides of the Channel, after a last-gasp agreement was secured, reported AFP. Johnson later tweeted deal is done.

“This is a good deal for the whole of Europe and for our friends and partners as well,” he told a Downing Street news conference.

“It will not be a bad thing in my view to have a prosperous, dynamic and contented UK on your doorstep. It will be a good thing. It will drive jobs and prosperity across the whole continent.”

The trade deal with the European Union provides “a new stability and a new certainty”, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Thursday, adding UK-EU relations had sometimes been “fractious and difficult”.

“We will be your friend, your ally, your supporter and indeed never let it be forgotten your number one market,” he said at a press conference announcing the agreement.

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