#UdaipurHorror : Sachin Pilot For Fast Track Court, Urges To Give Such A Punishment That Will Be A Example For The Whole Country

Picture : Twitter /ANI

Former Rajasthan Congress PCC Chief and Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot has said that the brutal killing of tailor Kanahiya Lal in Udaipur had gone beyond the pale of humanity and that the perpetrators should be handed a sentence that would serve as a warning to the rest of the nation.

Speaking to ANI, Pilot said, “These people crossed all limits of humanity. Such a murder and the manner in which it is been executed shook everyone. They have been caught. Through fast track court, they should be given such a punishment, which be an example for the entire country.”

Pilot earlier in tweet had condemned the brutal killing

Pilot further said that “people and organisations responsible for this need to be traced and finished permanently.”

“We will have to reach the core of it, the team has been constituted for the same. Names of Pakistan-based organisations are coming to the fore and other details of the two accused are also coming to light. People and organisations responsible for this need to be traced and finished permanently,” Pilot said.

Elaborating on the road ahead Pilot said , We’ll provide all possible help to victim’s family. Some action was taken. But if needed, further action should be taken too. If anybody was negligent in this matter, strict action should be taken, irrespective of seniority of the officer, irrespective of who they’re.

Besides Kashmir and Punjab, Rajasthan too is a border state. If there’re links across the border, we need to reach the bottom of it. If there’re other people who’re similarly influenced or in touch with them it’ll have to be probed deeply, Sachin Pilot stated .

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