#Twitter Blue : Elon Musk Set To Relaunch Subscription Service On November 29 ; Admits Service Slow In India And Other Countries

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Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has said that Twitter’s coveted USD 8 blue tick subscription service will be relaunched with verification on November 29, days after the microblogging platform temporarily halted it following a surfeit of fake accounts.

Before Musk took control of Twitter on October 27, the blue tick was given to celebrities, government heads and other celebrities after their accounts were verified by the site’s platform.

The USD 8 subscription fee announced on November 6 was a measure to retain advertisers and generate revenues.

Earlier Mush admitted , “Twitter is very slow in India, Indonesia & many other countries. This is a fact, not a “claim”. 10 to 15 secs to refresh homeline tweets is common. Sometimes, it doesn’t work at all, especially on Android phones. The only question is how much delay is due to bandwidth/latency/app,” Musk, Twitter’s new owner, tweeted.

In another tweet, he said he would “like to apologise for Twitter being super slow in many countries. The app is doing >1000 poorly batched RPCs just to render a home timeline! I was told ~1200 RPCs independently by several engineers at Twitter, which matches # of microservices. The ex-employee is wrong,” he said.

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