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Trouble For Zakir Naik, Banned From Making Speeches In Malaysia

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There is more trouble for Islamic preacher Zakir Naik. In the latest action against him , it is been reported that he has been banned from giving pubic speeches anywhere in Malaysia, police said late night.

Authorities have been questioning Naik from last two days over his intent to provoke a peace breach by allegedly making remarks against Hindus and Chinese residing in the Muslim-majority nation.

Naik, who is wanted in India, was granted permanent residency in Malaysia by the previous government. He is living in the country from the last three years.

Malaysia police have confirmed the ban, reported local media. The police said that the ban was imposed in the “interest of national security”.

“Yes. Such an order has been given to all police contingents, and this was done in the interest of national security and to preserve racial harmony,” Police Head of Corporate Communications Datuk Asmawati Ahmad told Malay Mail on Monday night.

Recently, in response to calls for his own deportation, Naik — during a religious talk titled “Executive Talk Bersama Dr Zakir Naik” — had asked the Malaysian Chinese to “go back” first as they were the “old guests” of the country.

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