This what Rajnath Singh feels about PM Modi’s Independence Day speech

Picture Courtesy : The Indian Express

Picture Courtesy : The Indian Express

Home minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday decoded Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech, saying it gave a holistic view of the entire freedom struggle in the present day context with ‘mantras’ for good governance.

According to Times of India report, In a statement, speech, Singh welcomed the PM’s ‘Na Gali, Na Goli’ statement on Kashmir as Modi reached out to the Kashmiris to join the mainstream.

“When he mentioned the journey of the nation from ‘Chakra Dhari to Charkha Dhari’ it was a portrayal of the inspirational values of our country from the ages unknown to the modern era. Thus clearly stating that we are an eternal nation in perpetuity,” said Singh.

“As a colleague I feel the need to appreciate certain remarkable and distinct patterns emerging from his address, which reflect in his entire concept of governance almost like mantras. Broadly, there are several underlying themes into which the thrust of every single point he made can be placed,” Singh wrote.

Singh said the PM making the government’s stand clear on Kashmir was “heart-warming to see”.
“The Centre has been consistent in its belief that the common Kashmiri wants to be an active stakeholder in the peace process. They have been made victim by certain vested interests who do not want peace in the Kashmir valley,” Singh said.

On Prime Mnister Modi’s appeal to people to shun violence of every kind and expressing solidarity with the women fighting the battle against triple talaq, Singh said that “it is a big shift from the 80s, when the governments and the prime ministers were unwilling to discuss the plight of women and their fight for rights”.

Commenting on mention of demonetisation, Singh said that it “clearly underlined our PM’s integrity, the government’s intent and his decisive decision making ability”.

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