This Is What Rahul Gandhi Wants People To Do For The Migrants Hit By 21-Day Lockdown

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Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has appealed to the general public and his party workers and ministers to provide food and shelter to the homebound migrants moving on foot passing through their towns, cities and villages.

Taking to Twitter, Gandhi said, “Today, hundreds of our brothers and sisters, along with their hungry and thirsty families have to move towards their villages. On this difficult path of theirs, those of you who are capable enough, provide them with food, shelter and water.

“The appeal to help the needy is particularly from Congress workers and leaders,” he said.

Scores of migrant workers have been spotted at Delhi-Ghaziabad border who were on their way home on foot crossing miles after miles. Many of them are apprehensive of the situation after the sudden announcement of the 21-day lockdown while others are sent on leave by their contractors.

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