This Is What Kapil Sibal Had To Say On Supreme Court’s Hate Speech Observation

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A day after the Supreme Court observed that hate speeches will end when politicians stop using religion in politics, Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal on Thursday said it was like “asking for the moon” as for some people politics is based on hate.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday took serious exception to hate speeches, saying these will end the moment politics and religions are separated and politicians stop using religion in politics.

Sibal said on Twitter, “Supreme Court: Hate speech will stop ‘the moment politics and religion are segregated’. Asking for the moon!” “Remember: 1) Advaniji’s Rath Yatra 2) RSS chiefs shamshan-kabristan comments (2018) 3) Goli Maro…(2020) speech etc. For some politics is based on hate!” the former law minister and noted advocate said.

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