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This Is One Particular Workout A Determined Mandira Bedi Wants To Do Perfect

Actress Mandira Bedi takes her fitness routine very seriously  and one  who loves posting videos and snapshots of her workout sessions, gave a sneak peek of how she singlemindedly sets about doing her exercises till she masters them. In her new video, she is seen working at pulling off the perfect handstand.

“Attempt number 12, today” she announces before getting on with the handstand regime.

In the particular attempt that she has filmed and posted on social media, Mandira does an impressive enough job with the handstand, balanced against the wall. In the 22-second video, she is seen accomplishing the exercise with some effort. Impressively, she barely touches the wall as she sets out to hit a flawless inverted vertical pose.

Well, there still are the rough edges and Mandira, describing the experience says she is still a “work in progress”.

“Against the wall: Has happened again and again. But off the wall, never. Will get there, I know. I”m a work in progress,” wrote @mandybedi as caption of the video.

With the COVID-19 lockdown on, we are sure she will get a lot of time to perfect the handstand workout regime up to her satisfaction.

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