The Village MAESTRO & 100 Other Stories By VARGHESE MATHAI

VARGHESE MATHAI has raided the world’s stories. And he has picked, with unerring eye, stories that are most telling from a psychological and spiritual point of view. We tend to read most stories for escape and entertainment. He transports you to destinations that you wish you had visited much earlier. Moreover, each of these beguiling stories is a rewarding pearl-hunt. As tales of the heart and soul, they send us on an inward journey. Again and again. Each story possesses a spiritual core, which exalts the Supreme Soul, the Paramaatmaa, with whom your whole being will joyfully align.

FOREWORD BY JERRY B. CAIN, Chancellor, Judson University Elgin, Illinois, USA ‘The Village Maestro & 100 Other Stories is a way to learn about the world at a distance or about myself up close, as we engage the wisdom of the ages through the stories of today. “Once upon a time” now becomes contemporary time.’

VARGHESE MATHAI has invested his whole career in helping others learn, thus becoming a beloved mentor to thousands of students who are now in senior positions across the globe. Most of the specific courses he has taught have been in British Poetry, Literature of spirituality, and World Literature, but he has also designed and directed Honors and Study Aboard programs, as well as trained and mentored faculty through Teaching & Learning Centers. His current focus in Translation Literature, specifically, the writings of South India’s Malayalam poet Mahakavi K.V. Simon and his contemporaries.


‘Engaging, wide-ranging, and often witty – wise and pithy’ KEVIN CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, poet and prize-winning author

‘…a delightfully deep message is packed into the two-minute or three-minute bite-sized bits that are a compelling read.’ CURTIS HILL, Former Attorney General, State of Indiana

‘The pleasant suspense common to all of these micro-stories enhances their reading pleasure. As the distilled wisdom in each piece comes alive, you will experience your own little epiphany and be surprised by joy.’ CANON PROFESSOR GEORGE IYPE KOVOOR, Fellow of Berkley College, Yale University; Chaplain to H.M. The Queen

‘…exceptional. Can’t put Maestro down.’ RICHARD NEWKIRK, Brain Expert, USA

‘A narrative told artfully is powerful, and Dr. Mathai’s concise and gifted story telling style brought these tales to life. Inside these pages you will find common folk who are shining jewels. The parables speak in a powerful voice about the simple, profound, and meaningful beauty of human relationships, about things of true value, and about the gift of life… they will be read and reread, time and time again.” PATRICK ENDRES, Wildlife Photographer, Alaska, USA

‘The deeper I get into the text, the more impressed I am. Each chapter is a new layer of truth” RICHARD A. DAVIS, author of Internal Affairs: How to mend a wounded soul and God, I don’t Get It: Critical thinking on critical questions

‘Through his quick, masterful tales, Varghese Mathai engages us in pondering an array of life lessons. But don’t get fooled by the brevity of the encounter–the stories may be very short, yet you’ll find yourself reflecting on them for years to come…’ JOYCE WEINSHEIMER, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

‘From the moment you read the first sentence of each story, you find yourself immersed in a different world… In a world that is constantly searching for meaning, these stories provide one with a sense of spiritual relief and intuitive wisdom; an intangible feeling that stays with you long after the story is finished’ SOVEN TREHAN, Communication Specialist – Public Affairs & Communications, American Express

‘Brimming with astute narratives, the reader is afforded brief, brilliant tales that speak to the soul. Wise vignettes from history and literature give insight into life lessons for today’s modern world.’ SARAH BERGSTEDT, School Counsellor, Minneapolis

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