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The Tata Group : From Torch Bearers To Trail Blazers By Shashank Shah

With over 100 companies offering products and services across 150 countries, 700,000 employees contributing a revenue of US$100-billion, the Tata Group is India’s largest and most globalized business conglomerate. The Tata name is known for salt, software, cars, communications, housing and hospitality.

How did they come so far?

How did they groom leadership, delight customers and drive business excellence?

How did they maintain a brand and corporate values that are considered gold standard?

A deep-dive into the Tata universe brings forth hitherto lesser-known facts and insights. It also brings you face-to-face with business decisions and outcomes that are most intriguing:

– How did Tata Motors turnaround Jaguar Land Rover when Ford failed to do so?

– Why wasn’t TCS listed during the IT-boom?

– Why wasn’t Tata Steel’s Corus acquisition successful?

This definitive book tells riveting tales and gives insider accounts of adventure and achievement, conflict and compassion, dilemmas and decisions across twenty-five Tata companies. With over a decade of rigorous research, interviews with 100 senior Tata leaders, and pan-India site visits, this book decodes the Tata principles of business. It’s an exceptional blend of a business biography and a management classic.

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