The Penguin Book Of Modern Tibetan Essays – EDITED By TENZIN DICKIE

A groundbreaking anthology of modern Tibetan non-fiction, this unprecedented collection celebrates the art of the modern Tibetan essay and comprises some of the best Tibetan writers working today in Tibetan, English and Chinese.

There are essays on lost friends, stolen inheritances, prison notes and secret journeys from—and to—Tibet. There are also essays on food, the Dalai Lama’s Gar dancer, love letters, lotteries and the prince of Tibet. The collection offers a profound commentary not just on the Tibetan nation and Tibetan exile but also on the romance, comedy and tragedy of modern Tibetan life.

For this anthology, editor and translator Tenzin Dickie has commissioned and collected twenty-eight essays from twenty-two Tibetan writers, including Woeser, Jamyang Norbu, Tsering Wangmo Dhompa, Pema Bhum and Lhashamgyal.

This book of personal essays by Tibetan writers is a landmark addition to contemporary Tibetan letters as well as a significant contribution to global literature.


‘I have been waiting over the years for a collection of groundbreaking and current Tibetan essays, and this book delivers and then some. Vital and mind-blowing at the same time’


‘This judiciously selected, masterfully edited and thematically varied collection reveals Tibetan life as it sparkles with stories, passions and insights’


The official release date for the book is May, 2023, confirmed the publicist for the book , Peter Modoli, General Manager, Penguin Random House.


TENZIN DICKIE is a writer and a translator. She is the editor of Old Demons, New Deities: Twenty-One Short Stories from Tibet, the English language anthology of modern Tibetan fiction.

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