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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Strongly Defends CAA, Says Government Trying To Solve Long Standing Issues

Picture : Twitter / ANI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said the government has brought the Citizenship Amendment Act to correct “historical injustice” and to …

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How The DRI Project Of Rural Self Reliance Project Will Benefit The North East Region

Any discerning analyst of developments  of the north east after Partition and especially the 1962 Sino Indian border conflict must have …

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Why North East Has Been A Veritable Laboratory For Political Experiments

File Picture Courtesy : India Travel Forum ( representational image

There has been no Alexis de Tocqueville to write on democracy in India though it has been a remarkably functioning …

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The Challenges Ahead For The North East Region

Picture Courtesy : Tour My India-

After seventy years of independence it is time for the North East to take stock of developments since 1947 and …

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Guwahati -Siliguri- Kathmandu Economic Corridor

File Picture Courtesy : The Indian Express

A visitor to Assam today cannot but miss the upbeat mood of the state and it’s diverse population after many …

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