Slug Fest : Rahul Gandhi And Harsh Vardhan Spar Over Vaccine Shortage

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Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has once again lashed out at the Modi government over the shortage of vaccine . Taking to twitter Gandhi wrote, “July aa gaya hai,vaccines nahin aayi. #WhereAreVaccines.”

Reacting Rahul Gandhi’s charge, Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan attacked Rahul for “not reading” and sidestepped any further discussion on vaccination by accusing him of “arrogance”.

“Just yesterday, I put out facts on vaccine availability for the month of July. What is Rahul Gandhiji’s problem? Does he not read? Does he not understand? There is no vaccine for the virus of arrogance and ignorance!!” Dr Vardhan said.

“Congress must think of a leadership overhaul!” he added.

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