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Shooting Near White House, US President Donald Trump Leaves Press Briefing

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US President Donald Trump was evacuated from the Briefing Room during a daily session with reporters following a shooting near the White House.
According to CNN, Trump was being escorted out from the briefing room, as there was a shooting outside the White House. Moments later, he returned and continued the briefing and said that the situation “very well seems to be under control”.

Trump further thanked the Secret Service saying that they did “a fantastic job”.

“There was a shooting outside the White House and it seems to be very well under control. I would like to thank the Secret Service for doing their always quick and very effective work. Somebody has been taken to hospital. Seems the person was shot by Secret Service,” he said.

When asked about whether he was rattled by the incident, he answered, “Do I seem rattled? It is unfortunate but the world has always been a dangerous place. It is not something that is unique.”

With regard to the feeling of being safe in the White House, Trump said that he feels very safe. “I feel very safe with the Secret Service– they are fantastic, the best of the best. There is nobody like these people,” he added.

Trump was moved to the Oval Office after he was interrupted by the Secret Service during the briefing.
The details of the shooting, he said, would be briefed later.

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