Sharad Pawar Slams Modi Government For Promoting The Film Kashmir Files ; Alleges BJP Creating Hindu-Muslim Rift

Picture : Twitter / ANI

NCP chief and Maratha stalwart Sharad Pawar has said it is unfortunate that people in power promoted the film Kashmir Files , the jibe is seen as an attack on the Modi government.

Addressing NCP workers as reported  by PTI  , the former Union Defence and Agriculture minister claimed that efforts are being made to create a rift in society on religious lines.

The NCP chief also claimed that when fuel hike and inflation are assuming serious proportions, efforts are being made to divert the people’s attention from “just and legitimate issues”.

“The film showed how Hindus were tortured…whenever a small community faces a problem how a majority community attacks them. If the majority community is Muslim then a sense of insecurity is experienced in the Hindu community.

“A planned conspiracy is taking place today to create this insecurity. Unfortunately, those who are in power in the country appealed to the people to watch this movie,” Pawar said.

He also expressed concerns over the communal situation in the country.

“The BJP can’t run away from the responsibility for attacks on Kashmiri Pandits. A rift between Hindus and Muslims is being created which is a very worrying thing. Hence, those who believe in protecting the interests of all the sections of society should come together,” Pawar said.

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