Shades Of Truth: A Journey Derailed By Kapil Sibal

The 2014 Lok Sabha elections saw a tectonic shift in public sentiment. The people of India seemed to have embraced the winds of change and the new language of governance in anticipation of ‘Achhe Din’.

But as the NDA Government under the leadership of Narendra Modi seeks a ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’ and attempts to tackle all the issues for which it blamed previous governments, we must pause and reflect on the journey thus far; what lies ahead and on the gap between the promised change and delivery on the ground.

In Shades of Truth, Kapil Sibal examines the many actions of the Modi Government since 2014 and lays bare how this government revels in the past without seeking to grapple with the problems of the present and prepare for future challenges.

Apart from his reflections on diverse topics and contemporary concerns, Sibal also reflects on the policy decisions of the UPA government in sectors as diverse as telecom, education, science and technology, and law.

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Non-Fiction Politics

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Pgs 224

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