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Setting The Target : US President Jo Biden Tweets, Aims To Get 70 % Adults Vaccinated By July 4


US President Joe Biden has set a new vaccination goal to deliver at least one shot to 70 per cent of adult Americans by July 4 as he tackles the vexing problem of winning over the ‘doubters’ and those unmotivated to get inoculated.

Demand for vaccines has dropped off markedly nationwide, with some states leaving more than half their available doses unordered. Biden later tweeted his vaccination plans

Aiming to make it easier to get shots, Biden called for states to make vaccines available on a walk-in basis and he will direct many pharmacies to do likewise.

His administration for the first time also is moving to shift doses from states with weaker demand to areas with stronger interest in the shots.

“You do need to get vaccinated,” Biden said from the White House.

“Even if your chance of getting seriously ill is low, why take the risk? It could save your life or the lives of somebody you love,” he said.

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