Redcliffe Labs Eye-Catching And Inspirational Brand Campaign ‘Yeh Sudha kya karti hai’

Redcliffe Labs, a unit of Redcliffe Lifetech in the U.S. and India, is creating buzz with its new campaign “Yeh Sudha kya karti hai”. The campaign emphasises the impact of regular health check-ups for women along with the fact that it is totally normal for women to prioritise their health over all other duties. For women, investing in their health leads to happiness and holistic well-being. Women are noted for their stoicism, selflessness, and willingness to make sacrifices in order to satisfy the needs of others. Even if it means placing herself last, she goes above and beyond to make sure that her loved ones are taken care of. She seldom ever takes a medical problem as seriously as she should until it becomes too bad and until the symptoms start to appear more frequently. However, the reality is that one shouldn’t wait until things get out of hand! Making your health a priority is an investment in the right direction.

To spread this message, a character named Sudha is featured in the campaign. Sudha doesn’t become fatigued or stressed out even while doing her tasks and responsibilities well. She makes time for herself, which makes her more content and relaxed. She frequently makes people laugh by exercising, letting her housekeeper take a long vacation, participating in fancy dress competitions, and doing many other things. They ask, “Sudha karti kya hai,” or “What’s so amazing about this woman’s active and lively approach to life?” The answer, which is also the underlying message of the campaign, is simple: Sudha does this because she recognises the value of her health. She schedules regular health check-ups with Redcliffe Labs.

Redcliffe Labs has brilliantly used its creative abilities in this campaign to spread its message. This is the motivation behind the portrayal of a character like Sudha, a strong, bold, energetic, and independent woman who believes in savouring every moment and giving her all at home in order to live life to the fullest.

In reaction to Redcliffe’s latest brand campaign, Dheeraj Jain, the Founder of Redcliffe Labs, said, “Women need to be more responsible for their health. About 80% of healthcare decisions for families are made by women, and when it comes to their own health, they often put other interests before their own. However, as women age, health issues vary, and they should not be neglected. Women are typically the heads of households, which involves balancing duties like lengthy work hours, parenting, caring for their spouse, and taking care of their aged parents. Therefore, it is crucial for women to prioritise their health above everything else We want people to be inspired by Sudha, the campaign’s wonder woman, to take the best possible care of their health and to start with Preventive Health Check-ups.

Delaying self-care will negatively affect both the individual’s overall health and wellbeing as well as the health and wellbeing of society. The biggest present a woman can give herself and society is to prioritise their health. It’s a great way to show your kids or spouse how to take care of themselves, and it also promotes your physical and mental well-being. ”

It is worth noting that Redcliffe Labs recently won gold at The Economic Times Brand Equity Shark Awards 2022 for excellence in marketing campaign in the health sector for its campaign “#ChillFarmayain-Dadi.”

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