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Ratna Chaudhuri’s New Book, ‘The School Of Silence’ Out On Stands

The latest title authored by artist and children’s novelist Ratna Chaudhuri-  The School of Silence is the story of which is based around a school of those with hearing impairment – is all about love. It’s about Loving your parents, grandparents, your children and loving every human being around you. Loving the people who you work with and loving those who stand by you. It is a story of love of hope of finding a family beyond family. But above all its a story about service, about self-sacrifice to help those who are not as privileged as most of us. It is a book that dreams of a perfect world and searches for ways in which that world can become a tangible reality. The book for Children (aged 7-12) would be loved by them because it’s a story that tells you that you should dream big – dream the biggest of dreams, the most impossible of dreams and those dreams can come true if you work with honesty and sincerity – much like the author herself. This book reflects the innate qualities of her – to be always at her simple best. It’s about self-sacrifice, unconditional love and pragmatic understanding of life as it is.

The book is special because as Shuvaprasanna said, “It is a noble cause and books like these would indeed help to give the minds of our future generations an orientation of love, compassion and humanism.” Abul Bashar observed, “It is literature that enables a man with those priceless traits and qualities which nothing else can give.” It has been published by Times Group Books.
The book is priced at Rs.249/- and will be available in stores around the country from next week.

About The Author: Ratna Chaudhuri

Born on 30th August 1947, Ratna Chaudhuri, M.A., B.Ed., had the creative fervour in her since childhood. When in Class IX, she conceptualised and designed the logo of her school – St. Thomas School in Shimla – and the school uses the same logo even today. She inherited the aesthetic sense – the eye and mind of an artist – from her mother Bijan Sengupta and the rare, priceless quality to be uncompromisingly sincere and honest about everything and anything from her father Debangshu Sengupta. These traits had shaped her as a person and also as an artist. After marriage, she became an integral and most crucial pillar of the IIPM Movement. She has also handcrafted the logo of IIPM. The journey from being a wife, a homemaker, a mother, a grandmother along with also being an artist, a poet, a short story writer, an essayist, a novelist and an extraordinary administrator is indeed an incredible fairy tale, which happens to be real, and which has made Ratna Chaudhuri an exemplary inspiration for many.

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