Rajasthan Crisis : Governor Kalraj Mishra Snubs Ashok Gehlot’s Assembly Session Proposal For Third Time

Picture : Twitter / ANI

The political imbroglio in Rajathan continues . In the latest face-off  between Rajasthan Governor Kalraj Mishra and Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, the Governor has  apparently sent back Gehlot’s   third proposal demanding a session of the Legislative Assembly .

Gehlot, after the proposal was returned, went to meet Mishra at Raj Bhawan. “Rajasthan Governor has returned the proposal for calling an Assembly session for the third time. I am going to meet him to know what he wants,” Gehlot told reporters in a report by a news agency.

Mishra had earlier clarified that Raj Bhavan had never intended “not to call” the Assembly session and asked the Ashok Gehlot government to deliberate on three points including a 21-day notice period for convening a session and maintaining social distancing norms.

He had said the statements from the state government make it clear that it wants to bring a trust vote but there is no mention of it in the proposal sent for convening the session.

“In case, confidence motion is moved in the Assembly then proceedings should be done in the presence of chief secretary, Parliamentary Affairs Department. The proceedings should be recorded and the trust vote should be carried out with a button,” Mishra had said in a statement, which also added that the proceedings should be telecasted live.

Gehlot had last week accused the Governor of not calling the Assembly session due to “pressure from the top”. He had said the Congress party will approach the President and, if required, will stage a protest outside the Prime Minister’s residence over the political situation in the state.

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