Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot Terms Letter By 23 Leaders Unfortunate

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Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Sunday said the Gandhi family has kept the party united and the letter written by senior Congress leaders over party leadership is an unfortunate move.

He said the leaders who are said to have written the letter have worked with the party for long and this was not expected of them.

“I am not aware of any such letter but if this is true, then it is unfortunate. They all have worked with the party for so long and the move of the letter is uncalled for,” Gehlot told PTI.

Ahead of the Congress Working Committee meeting , different voices have emerged within the party with one section comprising sitting MPs and former ministers demanding collective leadership, while another group has sought the return of Rahul Gandhi to the helm.

While two dozen Congress leaders, including some ex ministers, have written to party president Sonia Gandhi for overhaul of the organizational structure and changes to the leadership, some leaders close to Rahul have also written to the CWC pressing for the Gandhi scion’s return as chief.

The letter by former ministers and some MPs was believed to have been written a few weeks ago and sets the stage for a stormy CWC meeting where issues flagged by dissenters are expected to be discussed and debated.

Gehlot said Congress president Sonia Gandhi took reins of the party in 1998 and despite all challenges, she continued holding the party united.

“She became the party president in 1998 in challenging circumstances and has been the saviour of the party. Today, despite her health issues, she is still holding the ‘Congress Kunba’ (party) united. Is it a small thing?” Gehlot added.

“Democracy is under threat and a struggle for saving democracy is going on and therefore, we should not step back. The Gandhi family has kept the party united and in the time of crisis; we need them,” he said.

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