Rahul Gandhi Rips Apart Niti Aayog, Says Geniuses There Had Predicted No New Cases From May 16

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Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi in scathing attack on the Central government questioned its preparedness to fight the coronavirus , saying the “geniuses” at the Niti Aayog had predicted that the nationwide lockdown would ensure no fresh COVID-19 cases from May 16.

“The geniuses at Niti Aayog have done it again.

“I”d like to remind you of their graph predicting the Govt”s national lockdown strategy would ensure no fresh Covid cases from tomorrow, May the 16th,” he said on Twitter.


The Congress leader also posted a graph projected by the government at the time.

Earlier Rahul said his party will raise voices of migrant labourers and ensure they get help as their livelihood was adversely impacted due to coronavirus-induced lockdown.

Rahul posted a heart-wrenching video of labourers on Twitter with a song in the background, urging the government to help them to reach their native places.

“Darkness is deep and it is a tough time. Have patience we will stand in their security. We will keep raising their voice and will ensure they get every possible help. They are not ordinary people but they are flag of country’s self-respect. We will never let it bow down,” the Congress leader tweeted along with the video.

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