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Priyanka Gandhi Vadra : An Enigma

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Any news related to Priyanka Gandhi creates ripples across the media and the political parties. so when congress party announced her formal entry in the forthcoming elections , the news was electrifying among the political corridors of the country. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has finally arrived in the Indian political system.

Her charisma is such that one cannot ignore her presence. She has always been very vocal about her family serving the country and also paying the price for it by sacrificing their lives. She is bold and makes her presence very loud and clear just like her grandmother, the late Indira Gandhi.

Graduating from Delhi University’s Jesus and Mary college, Priyanka had a natural flair for being a leader. a strong headed girl, despite facing resistance from her family she married Robert Vadra, buisnessman from a small town of Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh. Off the political limelight, Priyanka enjoys to attend parties and is totally different from what one sees her in cotton sarees. In the elections of 2014, Priyanka showed her worth as tough opponent but was unable to sail her party through for various reasons.

Not taking any chances Congress party has announced her formal entry to politics purposely from eastern UP to give a tough fight to the BJP. the opposition may put up a brave face but they very well know inside their hearts that Priyanka Gandhi cannot be taken up lightly.

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