Priyanka Chopra Jonas Opens Up On COVID-19, Says Opportunity For People To Show Their Humanity

Priyanka Chopra Jonas says she is counting her blessings in quarantine as she realises that she is in a “good spot” compared to so many people around the world.

The “Baywatch” star, who is currently in Los Angeles with her husband, singer Nick Jonas, said she is “doing ok”.

“I have to say, I feel very blessed to be in such a good spot compared to so many people in the world. We’re healthy, friends and family are healthy, and I’ve had time to really be creative. So I have to say this has been a blessing,” Priyanka told Entertainment Tonight.

Helping one another during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is the need of the hour, she added.

“What’s important right now is to do something, and anyone can do something. The point is, the world is breaking, everywhere in the world. So even if you do a little bit, it goes really far.

“Food shelters, donations, sponsoring education… all of those things are important. I think everyone needs to be thinking of that individually and together.”

The 38-year-old actor said the world is facing an “insane, intense” time, but the crisis is an opportunity for people to show their humanity.

“It’s almost been six, seven months, we’re in August already, and that’s crazy. You look back and see how adversity has affected so many parts of the world and so many people in the world who had to deal with poverty, hunger, more than even COVID,” she said.

“It’s an insane, intense time but this is the time to show our humanity I feel. This is the time for humanity to come together, and in 10 years, we’ll look back at this time and really question and wonder, who reacted and how? This is a testament to what the human spirit can do. I think it’s really great to steer in the direction of helping and positivity,” she added.

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