Prime Minister Narendra Modi Reiterates Coordinated Response To Coronavirus Outbreak, Promises To Ensure People Remain Healthy


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said there has been a coordinated response to the coronavirus outbreak and asserted that “no stone is being left unturned” to ensure people are healthy.

Modi also hailed the contribution of doctors, nurses and healthcare workers in fighting the virus and said the country will always cherish their contribution.

He also tagged tweets of various people highlighting the different aspects of how India is combating COVID-19.

In a series of tweets with the hashtag ‘India Fights Corona’, Modi said the encouragement from people highlighting the steps being taken to combat the virus is boosting the morale of all those doctors, nurses, municipal workers, airport staff and all other remarkable people at the forefront of the fight.

Harnessing innovation for a healthier planet.

A lot of people have been sharing technology-driven solutions for COVID-19.

I would urge them to share them on @mygovindia. These efforts can help many. #IndiaFightsCorona— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) March 16, 2020

Responding to a tweet by a man saying that he has “cancelled all my meetings and suspended all business travel”, the prime minister said, “A wise call. Avoiding non-essential travel and minimising social outings are welcome steps.”

“At all levels, various authorities are working in sync to ensure COVID-19 does not spread. No stone is being left unturned to ensure people are healthy,” Modi said.

A wise call.

Avoiding non-essential travel and minimising social outings are welcome steps. #IndiaFightsCorona
— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) March 16, 2020

He said responsible citizens can add great strength to the fight against COVID-19.

“I am sure our citizens will not do anything that puts the lives of others in danger. Our doctors, nurses, healthcare workers are putting great efforts. They are out there, helping people. We will always cherish their contribution,” the prime minister said.

Responding to a Twitter user who said the government is systematically handling travellers to avoid “corona contagion”, Modi said, “Doing our best to ensure everyone is healthy and those showing symptoms get proper care.”

It is a united and coordinated response from everyone and this shows the strong spirit of the nation in such situations, the prime minister said.

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