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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Hopes For A Productive Winter Session of Parliament


File Picture Courtesy : Indian Express
File Picture Courtesy : Indian Express

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has hoped the winter session of Parliament will be a productive one with constructive debates and innovative suggestions that will help resolve the country’s problems.

The government is expected to table 25 pending bills and 14 new ones, including a bill providing Muslim women the right to seek maintenance in case of triple talaq, during the session which begins on December 15.

“The winter session of Parliament is starting and I am confident that it will be a productive session. I hope there is good debate, constructive debate and we come up with innovative solutions to our nation’s problems,” he told reporters.

The prime minister said at Thursday’s all-party meeting, leaders of the political parties were clear that there is a need to take the country forward and this session should be used positively to achieve that.

“I hope this Parliament session contributes to the nation’s growth,” he said.

The Parliament session is expected to be stormy one with Gujarat Assembly Elections Results slated to come out on December 18. The result of Himachal Pradesh too will be known too. The opposition is expected to seek answers from the government on host of issues. Rahul Gandhi will be present in Parliament this time as Congress president.

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