Planet Will Not Be Same After COVID-19, It Will Be In The Future Pre Or Post-COVID-19 – Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

Picture : Twitter / ANI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the planet will not be the same after COVID-19 and noted that the events in future will be remembered as either pre or post-Covid.

Elaborating further PM Modi said , We now have a better understanding of pandemic which strengthens our strategy to fight. We have the vaccine which is important to save lives and defeat the pandemic. India is proud of our scientists who have worked on the #COVID19 vaccines.

Delivering the keynote address on the occasion of “Virtual Vesak Global Celebrations” on Buddha Purnima, he said the world has not seen a pandemic like this in a century.

Lauding Buddha PM Modi stated, Buddha’s life was about peace, harmony & coexistence. Today, there’re still forces whose existence depends on spreading hate, terror & mindless violence. Such forces don’t believe in liberal democratic principles. Believers of humanity must come together, defeat terror.

However, he added, there is now a better understanding of the pandemic, and described vaccine as absolutely important to save lives and defeat the virus. While we do everything possible to fight #COVID19, we must not lose sight of other challenges humanity faces. One of the challenges is climate change. Weather patterns are changing, glaciers are melting, rivers & forests are in danger, we can’t let our planet remain wounded.

He also extended condolences to those who have suffered and lost near and dear ones in the pandemic, and said he grieved with them.

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