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Penguin Set To Release Neil D’Silva And Jay Alani’s HAUNTED


Terrifying Real-life Encounters with Ghosts and Spirits

An entire town that was abandoned overnight

A fort that fell to ruins due to a curse

Mines where twenty thousand miners were trapped and perished

A village where black magic is a way of life

A fair where exorcisms are performed in public

Such are the locations dotting the colourful paranormal map of India. Intrepid adventurers and regular tourists alike have often dared to visit these places to experience for themselves their fascinating lure, and to see if ghosts truly haunt these regions. However, those who have ventured there have often returned with more questions than answers-if at all they have returned.

Haunted chronicles the real-life adventures of paranormal investigator Jay Alani in ten of the spookiest locations in India. Co-authored by Neil D’Silva, these exploits provide a ringside view of these hair-raising paranormal journeys for everyone who has an interest in exploring the dark side of the normal.

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