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Penguin Random House India Initiative- Externship Programme for its Employees


Penguin Random House India is delighted to announce a new Corporate Externship program that takes learning to a completely new level. The program is based on the premise of cross sharing /cross learning and opening up newer avenues for people to gain experience and exposure in their domain area by stepping into the outside world.

As a part of the program, Penguin Random House India will partner with companies and arrange a study tour for its employees to gain new experiences, new skills and knowledge to take back with them, that’s most relevant to their domain area and likewise host learners from other companies to provide similar opportunities. The externship involves interactions with key stakeholders, exchange of ideas and perspectives, exposure to different practices and frameworks thereby providing hands on experience to incumbents for a week-long duration.

Penguin Random House India will kickstart this program with Pocket Aces – a leading digital entertainment company – to embark upon this journey for its first externship for the digital and marketing team.

Aditi Kumar, Senior Vice President, People and Innovation, comments “Externship is an incredibly exciting format that would open up array of learning opportunities for our people by providing them a platform to connect with creative partners outside of our company . The program aims at promoting learning through exposure to different facets of work practices and encouraging exchange of ideas and experiences. We are confident that with this opportunity people will get back re-energised, educated and connected and the learning experience will go a long way in enhancing their creative and innovative potential”

Vaishnavi Singh, Senior Executive – Digital, PRH India, states “We’ve had an incredible experience at Pocket Aces, learning about digital content and marketing. Everyone here has been extremely welcoming and willing to teach us what they’re all experts at,”

Sudhanshu Roy, Senior Executive – Marketing & Publicity, PRH India, shared “Filter copy was great and refreshing change. It gave me an opportunity to experience the work environment of a completely different industry in the most fun way. It was an amazing experience.”

Bharat Misra from Pocket Aces added, “I relished my time at Penguin Random House India, having worked in the editing, design and digital departments during my short time here. I especially enjoyed the conversations I had with people, and hope I added some value to their work. ”

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