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Pam Anderson Meets WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange In London Prison

Picture Credit : UNI
Picture Credit : UNI

“He’s a good man, he’s an incredible person. I love him. I can’t imagine what he has been going through,” this is what Pam Anderson had to say after she met WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange currently serving 50 week jail term in London’s Belmarsh prison for bail violations .

Assange  is also contesting an extradition request from the United States where he is wanted for hacking.

Talking to media outside the prison Anderson was seen wearing a large cape with slogans calling for the defence of free speech.

“We need to save his life. That’s how serious it is,” she said, adding: “We just have to keep fighting because it’s unfair. He’s sacrificed so much to bring the truth out”.

British police arrested Assange from the embassy in London last month after Ecuador withdrew his asylum after seven years.

He had sought refuge there to escape extradition to Sweden where he had been accused of rape and sexual assault.

Pam Anderson angry tweets slamming his arrest has sparked off rumours of romance between the two. Anderson had previously too was seen visiting Assange when he was in the Ecuador embassy.

Anderson wrote a string of tweets criticizing the United States, the United Kingdom, U.S. President Donald Trump and Ecuador.




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