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One Can Travel To France After Getting Vaccinated With Covishield Vaccine

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France has included Covishield produced by the Serum Institute of India and developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University in the list of approved vaccines for travel to the country.

According to ANI report, The ministry of interior of France issued norms for the certificate of international travel. It said to deal with the virus the border control measures are temporarily needed, both on entering and leaving the country. The ministry also issued the rules that apply depending on where the people are travelling to or from.

“Effective from 9 June, the movement of travellers between France and foreign countries will resume under terms and conditions that will vary according to the health status of these countries and the vaccination status of travellers,” the ministry said in the statement.

The ministry further stated that the applicable rules depend on the traveller’s vaccination status.

“The vaccination schedule is considered complete 28 days after the administration of a dose for Janssen vaccine and 7 days after administration of a second dose for other vaccines (Pfizer / Comirnaty, Moderna, AstraZeneca/Vaxzevria/Covishield),” the statement added.

Earlier, on Saturday, France lifted travel restrictions for fully vaccinated travellers but advised against travel from France to countries on the “red” list.

“Fully vaccinated travellers are no longer subject to restrictions to travel to or from France, whatever the country of departure. We nonetheless strongly advise against travel from France to countries on the red list,” read the travel advisory issued by France’s ministry of Europe and foreign affairs.

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