Omar Abdullah Condemns Rahul Bhat’s Killing, Slams Lathi Charge On Protestors, Concerned Over Continued Targeted Killings

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and National Conference Vice- president Omar Abdullah has strongly condemned the killing of kashmiri pandit Rahul Bhat by terrorists. Omar in his series of tweets expressed concern over the targeted killings and questioned Centre’s normalcy claim.

Taking to his twitter handle Omar wrote, I unequivocally condemn the murderous militant attack on Rahul Bhatt. Rahul was a government employee working in the Tehsil office in Chadoora where he was attacked. Targeted killings continue & a sense of fear grows unchecked. My heartfelt condolences to Rahul’s family.

In another tweet Omar wrote, This young man had his entire life ahead of him & to know that his life was so cruelly extinguished today is tragic. Rest in peace Rahul Bhatt.

Omar was critical of the lathi charge by the police on Kashmiri pandits who were protesting Rahul Bhat killing. Omar wrote in a tweet while sharing video of the protest , It’s shameful that legitimate & justified protests are met with a heavy-handed response. This is not new for the people of Kashmir because when all the administration has is a hammer every problem resembles a nail. If the LG’s Govt can’t protect KPs they have a right to protest.

Taking a dig at the BJP, Centre and its tall claims of normalcy, Omar in tweet wrote, Tourism is not normalcy, it’s a barometer of economic activity. Normalcy is the absence of fear, the absence of terror, the inability of militants to strike at will, the presence of democratic rule & by any yardstick you choose to use, Kashmir is far from normal today.

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