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Now Nepal Blames India For Rising Number Of COVID-19 Cases In The Country

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India and Nepal relations seems to have hit a rough patch off- late. Nepal surprisingly has been clashing  with India on several issues. Starting with the map row.  Now in the latest attack, Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has reiterated his previous statement where he had blamed those coming from India for the spread of coronavirus in the Himalayan nation.

In a televised address to the nation, Prime Minister Oli claimed that workers returning home (Nepal) from India, who remain unchecked at the border, contributed in the spread of the virus in the nation.

“As per the protocol of WHO, those returning home from the cross border are required to undergo a compulsory test, which would play a pivotal role in averting the spread into the community level,” he said.

“But the flow of people returning home from the neighboring India has been flaunting the rule and returning back home facing multiple difficulties to get across the border without proper tests. For lack of proper test, it also has been contributing to increasing the pandemic in the nation massively,” Oli continued.

Earlier, the Nepali Prime Minister in his question-answer session with MPs in the Lower House had pointed to India for the spread of the virus in the country. Oli also made the claim that the virus from India is more lethal than in comparison to China and other nations.

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