Not Only The Phenomenal Grand Slam Singles Title Wins, Roger Federer’s Impact In Tennis Was Much More


Tennis fans round the world finally heard what they dreaded would happen as Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer in a emotional message on several social media handles announced his retirement from the sport where he strode like a colossus and won  an astonishing 20 Grand Slam singles titles .

Federer had glittering career – eight Wimbledon titles, claimed five US Open titles, six Australian crowns and a single French Open achieved in 2009 to complete his career Slam.  Ahead of Federer are  Serb Novak Djokovic  who has 21 Grand Slam singles titles . Spaniard Rafael Nadal currently leads the all- time list with 22 Grand Slam Singles titles under his belt .

It was not only the number of Grand Slam titles Federer won that made him such an icon . It was the manner in which he won them that made him  a true champion and a role model  – He brought to the court, grace, poise, elegance , skill and impeccable court manners after initial days of brashness . He was master of his craft , He made the fans sit up to watch him in action as he went about his work in cool calm swiss precession.

As far as his cool approach goes , one can assume that that Federer had inherited this attribute from the player he used to idolise and was his coach in 2013 when his career was in a bit of bother – Swedish tennis legend and former World Number one the affable  Stefan Edberg. If one looks at the Federer’s  single backhand and execution and the one by Edberg in his heydays one can spot clearly how the protégé had followed the Swede master .

The athletic court coverage in the lithe athletic frame was a sight to behold . And the sight of god was really was the shot he made look so wonderful and classy – the single-handed backhand – Hit down the line or whipped cross cross court with elegance and power .

Federer had epic rivalries with two  fantastic challengers – Spaniard Rafael Nadal and Serb Novak Djokovic . And the trio who featured in many epic battles were great friends off- court and and had immense respect , admiration for each other. Rafa’s tweet on hearing Federer’s decision to retire said it all. “Dear Roger, my friend and rival. I wish this day would have never come… it’s a sad day for me personally and for sports people around the world. I said it to you when we spoke and now it’s here. It’s been a pleasure but also an honour and privilege to share all these years with you, living so many amazing moments on and off the court.”

“We will have many more moments to share together in the future, there are still lots of things to do together, we know that. For now, I truly wish you all the happiness with your wife, Mirka, your kids, your family and enjoy what’s ahead of you. I’ll see you in London at the @lavercup.”

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Serb Novak Djokovic too was effusive in his praise for Federer  as he wrote in his Instagram post , “Roger it’s hard to see this day and put into words all that we’ve shared in this sport together. Over a decade of incredible moments and battles to think back on. Your career has set the tone for what it means to achieve excellence and lead with integrity and poise. It’s an honour to know you on and off court, and for many more years to come.”

“I know that this new chapter will hold amazing things for you, Mirka, the kids, all your loved ones, and Roger fans still have a lot to look forward to. From our family to yours, we wish you much joy, health, and prosperity in the future. Looking forward to celebrating your achievements and seeing you in London,” Djokovic added.

Tennis will never be the same again – The days of watching Federer vs Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer vs Novak Djokovic in a Grand Slam is now over. At the age of 41 , Roger Federer bides adieu to the game. And leaves behind legacy that will be tough to emulate. Thanks Roger for giving tennis fans world wide fabulous memories to cherish forever .

It was a privilege to watch you play and enthrall all with your sublime skills on court . And it will take a while to sink in really when next year when the Grand Slams in 2023 or for the matter in the years ahead are played and the draws and seedings are announced one name will be missing in the scoreboard – Roger Federer. This reality will be  hard one to accept.

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