No Meaningful Outcome In Talks With China So Far Even After Several Rounds – Rajnath Singh

Picture : Twitter / ANI

Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in an interview to ANI said that the impasse between New Delhi and Beijing continues as there has been no “meaningful outcome” despite several rounds of talks between the two countries.

“It is true that in order to reduce the standoff between India and China, talks were taking place on a military and diplomatic level. But no success has been achieved so far. There will be a next round of talks on a military level which can take place anytime. But no meaningful outcome has come and there is status quo,” he said.

“If there is status quo, it is natural how deployment can be reduced. There will be no reduction in our deployment and I fell their deployment will also not come down. I don’t think that status-quo is a positive development at all. Talks are on and they result in a positive outcome, that is our expectation,” he added.

He said hotline messages have been exchanged. “On what issues talks will be held, an exchange of messages is taking place between the two countries,” he said.

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