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Nightmare Revealed : Salma Hayek Opens Up On Her Near Fatal Fight With COVID-19

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Desperado famed actress Salma Hayek recently revealed that she battled a severe case of COVID-19 in 2020 and was even urged to go to the hospital to receive treatment.

Variety reported recently that the 54-year-old star of the upcoming thriller ‘House of Gucci’ revealed that she spent most of 2020 recovering from a near-fatal case of COVID-19.

The outlet said Hayek, mother to 13-year-old daughter Valentina, quarantined in a room in her house for about seven weeks and was even put on oxygen at one point.

During a Zoom interview, Hayek told Variety that “My doctor begged me to go to the hospital because it was so bad. I said, ‘No, thank you. I’d rather die at home.'”

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While keeping her diagnosis private, last November, Hayek posted on social media a video montage showing her getting tested for the coronavirus several times.

Sadly, she still suffers side effects from COVID-19. Variety reported that Hayek still hasn’t fully regained her energy since her diagnosis. However, she recently returned to work to film ‘House of Gucci’, which is inspired by a true story.

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