Ness Wadia Wants End Of Chinese Sponsorship In IPL , Says Country First , Money Secondary

File Picture Courtesy : IPL

The pressure on the BCCI to severe links with Chinese companies is on the rise after 20 Indian soldiers were killed in the violent face-off in the Ladakh’s Galwan Valley .

In a major statement , XI Punjab co-owner Ness Wadia said : “We should do it (sever ties with Chinese sponsors in IPL) for the sake of the nation. Country comes first, money is secondary. And it is the Indian Premier League, not the Chinese Premier League. It should lead by example and show the way,” Wadia said.

Ness Wadia co-owns the Punjab team along with Bollywood actress Preity Zinta.

“Yes it would be difficult to find sponsors initially but I am sure there are enough Indian sponsors who can replace them. We must have all the respect for the nation and our government and most importantly for the soldiers who risk their lives for us” said Ness.

It may re-called that the title sponsor of the Indian Premier league for period of five years from 2017 till 2022 is Vivo , who bagged it with a whopping Rs 2,199 crore bid. And pays the BCCI yearly Rs 440 crores.

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