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Native Machine Reaches India To Revolutionise Advertisement Industry

Digital content consumption in India is ever growing at a consistant CAGR of 30% and to continue to grow till 2022. Also there will be strong demand of innovation in the digital world, as this ever growing demand of content in languages, videos, sports and entertainment will keep growing. Gurgaon India based Spunk Ads India Pvt Ltd could sense this opportunity and created Native Machine for the world which will enable various solutions for publishers and advertisers.

Native Machine, which is regarded as nothing less than a revolution amongst the native advertising tools currently used in India, is an all-in-one self-serve native DSP developed by Spunkads Media Pvt Ltd. Native Machine is being launched at Moscow Affiliate Conference 2019 held on 9th and 10th April. Native Machine was founded by Sunny Singh, Mohd. Sohrab Ali and Saurabh Singh whereas Deepak VL heads the Media exchange department.

With Native Machine, advertisers can save their time managing their campaigns. It helps them manage native advertising more efficiently by using Native Machine’s tools such as bulk campaign management, in-depth real-time stats and rule-based goal optimization across multiple traffic sources. It also takes out conversion and sales data to automate budgets and bid, in turn, decreasing your costs and increasing your ROI.

“Native Machine is a user’s go-to solution in the advertising sector and in the coming days, we are looking forward to reaching out to more advertisers in the near future. Native Machine connects with all the native networks on which a team relies every day to expand the business to track all the ongoing campaigns easily”, Mohd. Sohrab Ali commented.

Native Machine, which provides its clients with the option to create multiple campaigns in just one click, puts the utmost care to keep the entire process running with its robust support system. All the campaigns of the client are tracked effectively and the issues are addressed accordingly. The real-time tracking tool makes it easier to evaluate revenue generation and real-time analytics of the campaign’s performance.

Native Machine allows the users to set parameters and optimize the campaigns to increase the ROI. The In-built tracking tool helps the user to get real-time reports which, in turn, reduces the click loss and increases the ROI. On the other hand, it auto-blocks the publishers or widgets from the client’s campaigns based on custom rules. Incidentally, Native Machine provides the user with an option to create a Blacklist or a Whitelist instantly on the platforms.

Native Machine integrates all the renowned native advertising platforms like Taboola, Outbrain and MGID now while Adgebra will be implemented soon.

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