Message from The Ordinance We Centre Have Appointed You, Work As Per Orders, Keep Harassing Opposition, Your Tenure Will Be Increased – Manish Tewari

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Senior Congress leader and former I& Minister Manish Tewari has slammed the Modi government for taking the Ordinance route while extending the tenure of CBI and ED Chief’s by another five years.

Reacting to the move , Tewari Told ANI, This ordinance is a message to officers that if we (Centre) have appointed you and if you keep working as per our orders, keep harassing the Opposition, your tenure will be increased year after year. All parties should approach SC jointly on it.

In another question 2 in a tweet , Tewari wrote, Ques.No-2 By hanging the allurement of yearly extensions before people who would occupy these sensitive offices NDA/BJP Govt wants to subvert whatever little is left of institutional integrity of these two Org’s Message is clear Hound the opposition & get extensions

Tewari further explained , This ordinance is illegal, it contradicts Supreme Court’s 1998 Jain Havala case verdict in which it annpunced CBI, ED director’s tenure as 2 years so that the govt at Centre didn’t force the two agencies into any wrongdoing.

Other opposition leaders to expressed their disgust at the Centre’s move . TMC Rajya Sabha MP, Derek O’Brien tweeted

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