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Lok Sabha Polls 2019 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi Asks People To Vote With #VoteKar Twitter Campaign

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As the first phase of The Lok Sabha Polls 2019 on April 11 nears, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to prominent personalities from different fields to inspire people to vote in the Lok Sabha elections.

As part of his “#VoteKar” campaign on Twitter, the prime minister urged personalities from the fields of sports, entertainment, and media to create increased voter awareness.

“My fellow Indians, The time has come to say- #VoteKar. In the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, ensure that you as well as your family and friends turnout in record numbers. Your doing so will have a positive impact on the nation’s future,” he tweeted.


“If you are undertaking any innovative voter awareness campaign, do share details using #VoteKar. Together, we will ensure maximum Indians exercise their franchise,” he said on Twitter.

Modi tagged film personalities and sportspersons like Anupam Kher, Kabir Bedi, Shekhar Kapur, Hrithik Roshan, Madhuri Dixit, Ajay Devgan and Anil Kapoor and urged them to help support the “VoteKar” movement to ensure high voter turnout in the elections.

He told film directors and actors that while they have made India proud internationally, they must help fellow citizens create voter awareness.

Appealing to media personalities, he asked them to devote time and energy towards boosting voter turnout in the upcoming elections.

“Today a large number of youngsters consume news on the move. It’s time to motivate them to #VoteKar to ensure a better tomorrow,” he said in a tweet.

“On the cricket field, @SDhawan25, @BhuviOfficial and @ashwinravi99 shine with their incredible talent and absolute commitment towards their team. I urge them to encourage greater voter awareness and voter participation. Young India will follow their lead,” the prime minister said using the hashtag “VoteKar”.


He also asked noted athletes Hima Das, Dipa Karmakar and Sakshi Malik, “India is proud of you and you inspire many others youngsters. Now, it is time to inspire greater voter awareness and participation, especially among youngsters.”

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