#Lockdown2 : Amit Shah Praises All State Government’s Cooperation With Centre, Assures Enough Food, Medicines, Essential Items

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After Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the extension of the lockdown to May 3, 2020, Union Home Minister Amit Shah assured everyone that there is enough stock of food, medicines and other essential commodities and no one should worry for the extended period of lockdown. In a series of tweets, the home minister also appealed to the affluent people to help the needy living nearby.

“As the home minister of the country, I assure the public again that there is enough stock of food, medicines and other commodities in the country. No one should worry about that. “I also request the affluent people to come forward and help the poor living nearby,” he said.

Praising the role of the state governments, Shah said the way all the state governments are working with the central government is truly praiseworthy. “Now, we have to intensify this coordination so that all citizens follow the lockdown properly and no citizen should have the problem of the things they need,” Shah said.


The home minister said the contribution of the doctors, healthcare workers, sanitation workers, police and all the security personnel who are playing an important role in this fight is very touching. “Your courage and understanding in this odd situation inspires every Indian. Everyone should follow the guidelines and cooperate with them,” he said.

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