#Karnataka Politics : Emotional Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa Resigns, Race For Successor Begins

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Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa broke down in the Karnataka assembly before announcing that he would resign after lunch. He was seeking as his government marked its two-year anniversary. Yediyurappa is widely credited for the ascent of BJP to power in the southern state.

Speaking on the two-year anniversary of his government, an emotional Yediyurappa said his government had fought for farmers, Dalits and the people of this state.

“I will resign after lunch,” he announced in a tearful speech in which he talked about being tested constantly in the past two years.

“When (Atal Bihari Vajpayee) was prime minister he asked me to be a minister at the Centre. But I said I will be in Karnataka,” said Yediyurappa.

The BJP had grown in Karnataka, the 78-year-old said, adding: “It has always been an agnipariksha (trial by fire) for me. These last two years it was Covid.”

Yediyurappa dropped big hints on Sunday that his future as chief minister was uncertain.

According to PTI, Yediyurappa said that he had offered to resign two months ago and reiterated that he would continue in the post if the high command so desired and quit if they asked him to resign. “I will work for the party day and night for the next 10- 15 years. Let there be no doubt about it,” he said.


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